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It’s rare today to find a couple who are enjoying a relationship that sparkles with love and happiness. Actually, most relationships are a disaster.

And it seems to be equally rare to find a woman who radiates pure joy and happiness. There’s something very wrong with this because your life is too precious not to enjoy each passing day.

Would you feel more confident and secure about your love life if you had the wisdom and knowledge to create the most amazing relationship you’ve ever imagined?

Think about it for just a moment.

Who taught you how to create a great relationship; how to communicate your needs in such a way that you not only get what you want, but cause him to be excited to make you happy; how to nurture and grow love; how to resolve conflicts so you become closer, rather than hurt and resentful, expanding an ever-widening chasm between you?

Who taught you how to be happy? Most people think it just happens. But you can learn to be a happier person, enjoying more love, just as you can learn any new skill.

None of us got that kind of education when we were in school. And taking a class in psychology will not get you any closer to being happier, or having a relationship that is deeply satisfying to you both.

The Workshops I offer will help you learn the skills you should have received long ago.

BackToSchool250Why Do You Need To Learn How To Love?

It doesn’t matter how much success you might enjoy in your work, in your social life, with a hobby or passion, if your relationship isn’t working, the other things don’t really matter.

Or if you’re single and want to be in a happy relationship, there’s a hole that needs to be filled in order to be truly satisfied. Yes, we need to be happy being single first, but even when you are, there’s still that missing piece that would put the cherry on top of your already happy life.

That’s where the School of Love comes in. I will help you have a happier life, filled with more and more love. Whether it’s learning the skills to meet Mr. Right, or offering the guidance to put a failing marriage back on solid ground, all the resource you need are here, waiting for you.

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Upcoming Workshops

FemGrace150x150BkCov“The Five Facets of Feminine Grace”

This is my Premier Course, and the foundation of everything I teach. It is also a prerequisite for all the other workshops, other than the Quickie Workshops.

It is an in-depth exploration of who you really are, and what is required to open your spirit and soul to more happiness and love.

When that happens, every aspect of your life will become filled with the delicious magic of love, joy, and feeling fully alive. You’ll marvel at how much better it feels to be you.

You can register and begin this workshop immediately, as a self-guided online workshop…OR, you can register for the live workshop, which means you will be able to be on the call when I offer the weekly inspirational lesson, and where you can ask questions at the end of the call. Learn more here

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MagicalMarriage2Have The Marriage Of Your Dreams

When you married, you had certain expectations about how it would be. Your heart wanted love, romance, passion, and soul satisfying intimacy.

But few marriages turn out the way the couple expects…or hopes.

Why, society asks? Why is it so difficult to have something that you desire so much?

Much of the reason is because we no longer have role models, at least not realistic ones.

What’s missing are the lessons you should have learned about how to create a truly satisfying marriage. Learn more here about how you can have the kind of marriage you’ve always dreamed of.

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Butterfly221The Confidence You’ve Longed For Can Be Yours ~ Sooner Than You Think

When you lack confidence you miss out on how good life can be. You see others who are so self-assured, having fun, accomplishing personal and professional goals, and you wish you had that ability to ‘just do it’ as the Nike commercial says.

But those who are confident don’t understand how painful it is to be insecure, afraid to step out, speak up, and go for it.

I know because I was once painfully insecure. And it’s a miserable way to live. So this workshop is very near and dear to my heart because I love helping women blossom into the confident women they want to be. If you’re ready to go for it, learn how here.

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SoulCentered220x220To Help You Get That Much-Needed ‘You Time’

Life can often feel overwhelming. With responsibilities, stress, never seeming to feel like you have a moment of peace.

It can feel like your life isn’t really yours.

Your life is a magical gift but if you don’t get to live it fully, then it’s not really yours.

When you take time for yourself, you are honoring your spirit. When you honor your spirit, you are giving those you care about the gift of you.

If you’re ready to take your life back, you can. But you must be willing to allow your spirit to rise above the constant ‘noise’ of society and rest. It can happen with Soul Centered Serenity. Learn more here.

•     •     •     •     • Is a Quickie Workshop? 

Most of the workshops I offer are several weeks long, so real, lasting changes can be realized.

But at least once a month, I offer a 90-minute to 2-hour teleclass that is either an interview of an invited guest who is an expert in a topic I think you’ll find valuable, or it’s just me, offering strategies on how to enjoy life more.

Because I believe we should never stop learning, I will continue to offer workshops that will help you enjoy more happiness, better health, and soul-satisfying love. Learn more here.

Not Quite Sure You’re Ready For Such Big, Magical Changes?

I understand. So here’s another option so you can stick your big toe in the shallow end of the pool. Just register for the Feminine Grace Starter Kit and be able to have an experience of what this workshop can do for you. Register Right Here!

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