Magical New You Class Schedule

MagicalYou150xThis is the follow-up workshop to The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace. If you haven’t gone through those classes I recommend you do so before beginning this one.

In this workshop, you’ll be focusing on different facets of yourself and polishing them shiny bright.

Below you’ll find Yellow Sapphire buttons that link to each week class.

You’ll come to this page each week to pick up your weekly reading and ‘homework’ assignments.

As you go through each class, it’s important to be really honest with yourself. That way, you’ll have more clarity about where you are now, and where you want to be. That’s the only way you can move forward on your path toward being the very best version of yourself.

As with the ‘5 Facets’ workshop, be sure and carve out some time for yourself each week and work through each class and each assignment.

NOTE: If you find yourself wanting to skip a section, take means there’s something there that you’re afraid of. Fear is what needs to be cleared so true magic can take it’s place. Focus on that section with an open mind and an open heart for what you’ll discover about yourself.

Remember, self-exploration is the most fascinating journey you’ll ever take, and when you experience fear, it’s just a reminder that there’s something there to discover.


Introduction To a ‘Magical New You’


Your Body


Your Mind


Your Spirit


Your Soul


Your Glow Flow


Filling the Gap


Your Life Flow


Your Feminine Grace


Your Radiance – Outer Beauty


Your Radiance – Inner Beauty


The Magical Woman You Are

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