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Here’s what one of my members sent me today:

Hi Kara

I went to a business networking event this morning. Mingling before the talk I saw a new face and gave her a smile. She came straight over to talk, and turned out to be the guest speaker.

During her talk she decided to single me out and embarrass me in front of a crowded room (could of died). She asked me why i thought my business was successful and I spoke for a moment.

Then she told me the reason she thought my business would do well and why she picked me out. She said it was because I stood out as a warm and friendly person with a mega watt smile that made her feel comfortable.

Since joining your Inner Circle and reading your books, and going through the workshop classes, I have learned a lot about myself. Lately people around me in my career have been so supportive wanting me to succeed which has been quite overwhelming. My friend pointed out it’s because I’m a likeable person. As someone that has had a real lack of confidence and self-esteem, these compliments have really given me an inner self worth.

I was a confident child, I had a a fantastic childhood, like my dad I would chat away to anyone even in the queue at the store.somewhere a long the line I lost this person.

It started in my late teens when I started going to pubs & clubs & a few girls took a disliking to me thinking I was a tart. I was far from that, I didn’t dress that way or have lots of boyfriends, but because I was happy to chat away to anyone I would do just that. I was honestly unaware of boys chatting me up.

Because of the nastiness of these particular girls, I became very self-conscious about chatting with boys.I went from bubbly and friendly to ‘unapproachable’.

Being told this was pretty sad but I am happy to say it looks like that girl never completely went away, she just hid for a while. It’s sad that being friendly can be taken offensively by some people.

Your teachings have so inspired me. Even though my reason for joining your Inner Circle was solely for my relationship, I have started a brand new relationship just with myself. Thank you, Kara. I will promise to smile to at least one new person a day, and spread a little love and happiness.

As for those mean girls, they don’t bother me anymore. In fact, most of them speak now. Only one has a chip on her shoulder, and although she scowls at me, I just give her a big smile. I’m quite sure this probably bothers her, but it certainly stops me feeling bad about myself.

Sarah xxx

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Here’s what one of my members sent me in an email recently:

Hi Kara! I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve loved being a member of your website since January and reading all of the great stuff you post – your messages have truly turned my life around (and not just with men – independent of dating, my confidence has soared). I have started listening to the Feminine Grace series and love it so far. –Whitney from Texas

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