Do you want to squeeze the most out of the life you were given? It’s probably obvious that being happy is essential. But happy doesn’t happen on its own, at least not for most people. That’s because there are all kinds of poo that gets in the way. That poo can stop you from loving, laughing, singing, and tap dancing, just as surely as a sobriety roadblock can stop your car.

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Some of what you’ll learn will be the tricks you can play on yourself that will help you starting feeling better right away. Eventually, if you’re willing to ‘do whatever it takes’ to jump-start your happiness, those tricks will simply become how you are. They’ll become habits.

The poo removal is certainly an important part of what you’ll learn, and I’m proud to say that the techniques and strategies I teach really do work. But, again, they will only work if you’re willing to ‘do whatever it takes,’ meaning you’re going to put on your waders and walk around in the muck.

But not for that long, and not too many times. My motto is, if it doesn’t happen quickly, and isn’t fun, why bother. Poo removal might not seem like fun, certainly not the giggly kind of fun, but it is fascinating to discover that you’ve been carrying around poo in that ‘suitcase’ everyone talks about. You know, your ‘baggage.’ And self-discovery, at least to me, is fun because it’s such a fascinating adventure.

So you’ll be getting lots of how-to help that will be directed at removing your poo (actually, I’ll just help you toss your baggage), helping you design then build an awesome relationship, plus, as a super-cool side effect, you’ll fall in love with that very scrumptious woman you look at every day in the mirror. Is that great, or what?

Here’s everything you’ll find on the Member Dashboard:

For all women, no matter your relationship status:

5Facets100x The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace Online Workshop – This course offers some quick tricks, as well as awesomely effective ways to dump your baggage over the side of a cliff. That way, no one else will ever have to deal with it. Learn more here
MagicalYou100x Magical New You – Now this is where you’ll have some great fun adding some delicious dazzle to who you are, each and every day. Learn more here
Chocolate100x When the Chocolate Runs Out – This is a book that I’ve enjoyed so much that I decided to read it out loud to you. I have quite finished, but there’s enough to keep you busy for a while. This is the essence of a truly happy life.
Spirit100x Let Your Spirit Soar – This is all about you and how to stay connected to your Spirit, your Soul, your True Authentic Self. That’s where ‘YOU’ hang out. You may think it’s that club over on 73rd street, but sorry, it’s right there inside of you.
BigHeartCouple100x Heart Fitness Class – How open is your heart to loving and being loved. If you keep the doors to your heart clamped shut, why on earth would you think you would be able to let love in? Let’s toss those clamps over the cliff with your baggage, shall we?
Confidence100x Boost Your Confidence – The greater your confidence and self-assurance, the happier you will be in every area of your life. And you have no idea how much men are attracted to women who exude self-confidence. Exude, isn’t that a cool word?
ParentChild-100x The Parent / Child Game – A game to help you learn more about your child without him/her thinking your prying. Well, you will be, but they won’t know it. heh, heh, heh…

If you’re already in a relationship or married:

MME100x Men Made Easy – Learn the 12 secrets about men so you can understand how they think, why they do what they do, and how to get more of what you want. Do you know what you want more of? Think about that for a while.
MarriageMakeover100x Marriage Makeover – Whether you are in deep trouble, or want to be sure you stay in love, this program will help you design a marriage that fulfills you both. If you can get your guy to do this with you, you won’t believe how spicy things will get.
AffairRepair100x Affair Repair – When you’re struggling with the aftershocks of an affair, you need to take a different approach than most people think. Use this guide to help you not only save your marriage, but make it better than it’s ever been. I know that seems impossible right now, but believe me, the affair can be the launching point for something truly awesome to happen between you.
Radiant100x Radiant Relationship Road Map – Enjoy the advice offered here and have fun applying it to your relationship. You’ll both enjoy the pay-offs. And you don’t even have to have a convertible to get value from these fun videos.
Married100x The Relationship Game – A series of questions you can ask each other that will be fun, while bringing you closer. You’ll love these questions because you’ll talk about things you may never have discussed before. And don’t worry that deep dark secrets will be unearthed. You can keep those buried if you must.
BoyfriendQuestions100x The Sexuality Game – A series of questions that will help you learn more about each other so you can enhance and strengthen your sexual connection. Face it, talking about sex, even when you’ve touched each others private parts isn’t always easy. This will help you bring up topics that you’d never bring up in ordinary conversation.
Sex100x No Longer Boring In Bed – This is a cray Audio Recording that Jonathon Aslay and I did way back when. What was funny is he was kind of uncomfortable talking about such personal and private stuff, but I got him over that real quick.

If you’re dating and haven’t found the right man yet:

Flirting100x From Flirting To Forever – This is the dating book you need. It will help you get your energy glowing so the men you meet will be helpless in your presence. Well, at least pretty damned fascinated with you because you will feel different than every other woman they’ve ever met.
DatingMadeEasy100x Dating Made Easy – Here you will learn the basic how-to’s of dating. It’s a great reference to remind you of what will help you date smart and win his heart. This will help you get past the dating phase, so you can get on to the good stuff.
9Truths 9 Truths About Dating – In this ebook you’ll find some quick reminders about how to date more effectively and be more sparkling…which means, have more fun. Think about it, if you’re sparkling, wouldn’t you be having more fun? Yes, indeed.
GoodMan100x Finding Mr. Right – If you think you know what kind of man you want, you’ll be surprised at how much you hadn’t thought of in your search for Mr. Right.
DatingMistakes100x Worst Dating Mistakes – These are the 15 dating mistakes that men said are most likely to cause them to never call again.
DateQuestions100x First, Second, Third Date Questions – These are fun questions to ask the men you’re dating. Each set is designed to help you get to know him, without sounding like you’re interviewing him for a job.

From two of my members:

Hi Kara, I went to a business networking event this morning. Mingling before the talk I saw a new face and gave her a smile. She came straight over to talk, and turned out to be the guest speaker.She told me the reason she thought my business would do well was because I stood out as a warm and friendly person with a mega watt smile that made her feel comfortable.

Your teachings have so inspired me. Even though my reason for joining your Inner Circle was solely for my relationship, I have started a brand new relationship just with myself. Thank you, Kara. I will promise to smile to at least one new person a day, and spread a little love and happiness.
– Sarah

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Hi Kara! I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve loved being a member of your website since January and reading all of the great stuff you post – your messages have truly turned my life around (and not just with men – independent of dating, my confidence has soared). I have started listening to the Feminine Grace series and love it so far. –Whitney from Texas

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When you open your heart to the magic that is love, you will discover every aspect of your life improving in ways you can’t even imagine. I would be honored if you would become a member and open your heart to all the love and happiness you deserve.

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