Feminine Grace

12174543_blogAre You Ready To Infuse Your Life With a New Depth Of Love and Happiness?

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If you’re like most women, you want a life filled with happiness, passion, love, and inner peace.

I don’t think that’s too much to ask. In fact, I believe you absolutely deserve all that and more. I hope you do too.

Is there a stirring within you that keeps whispering to you that your life should be better?

That you should be happier, more fulfilled and enjoying the kind of love you’ve always dreamed was possible?

Good, because that voice is your Inner Truth sending you a message from your Essence, the core of who you are.

Your life can become filled with treasured moments that you collect, like shells on a tropical beach. You just need to learn how to make that happen.

All the Help and Guidance You Need…In One Place

For over twenty years I’ve been helping women discover their wellspring of happiness and joy, as well as their innate ability to create deep and passionate love.

This is your opportunity to be taken by the hand (at least virtually) and shown the secrets to the kind of love and happiness your heart desires.

You only have one chance at this life of yours. I would like to show you how to live it to the fullest, exactly the way you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Now, you can stop the endless searching for the answers you seek.

KaraNewHeadShot200pxWHi, I’m Kara Oh and I can teach you how to expand your ability to give and receive love beyond your wildest dreams.

And when you do, all your relationships will be filled with a new, vibrant kind of love.

When you discover how simple my step-by-step system is, happiness and greater love will show up naturally, all on it’s own, with no need to ‘try’ to be happier.

So all you need to do is allow me to guide you along a beautiful pathway that will end up in a place where your life becomes magical, with one beautiful moment following another.

Greater happiness, more love, and even wonderful calming peace of mind, will be yours…in just a few weeks.

Are You Ready For Your Life To Be Filled With Beautiful Moments?

Do any of these fit what’s going on in your life right now?

  • You feel frustrated that you’re not as happy as you’d like to be;
  • You can’t seem to find the right balance in your life;
  • Your relationship gives you more stress than satisfaction;
  • You know there’s something missing, but can’t figure it out;
  • You worry that you’ll never have the kind of life you’ve dreamed you would;
  • You’re just tired and wish you had a way to turn everything around.

If you want to become the woman you have always wanted to be, but don’t know where to begin, there is a way.

If you want to be happier, you can.

If you’re married and have lost touch with the love you once shared, you can get it back.

If you have a boyfriend and feeling insecure that it’s not going to work out the way you hoped, you can take charge of your destiny.

If you want a deeper connection to your spirit, you can have that.

There’s a reason you ache for more love, happiness, and inner peace.

It’s because your True Self, your Essence, is calling you to be all you can be.WomanInFlowersRedDress

And the wonderful thing is that you already have everything you need inside you…just waiting to be shown the way.

That’s my job, to help you make that happen.

Wouldn’t you like to have the life you want, overflowing with love and happiness, and beautiful moments filled with magic?

Or maybe you’re the type of woman who just wants peace in your soul…or a sense of celebration because you love your life…or deep connections with your friends and your lover.

What if I told you you can have that, and sooner than you might think?

What if you were as happy as you’d like to be, all the time, enjoying the most profound love of your life?

That, lovely lady, would be a charmed life, would it not?

Want to know a secret? You CAN have a charmed life, right here, right now!

To manifest the love and happiness and all the other treasures of life your heart craves, there’s something that absolutely, positively–with no exceptions–HAS TO HAPPEN first!

You need to discover your source of love. And that’s exactly what my step-by-step system will do for you.

I know you will love it because the women whom I’ve had to privilege to guide along this path tell me how much their lives have improved.

You too, will soon discover how good it feels when your new self-confidence lifts your heart to new heights!

As you go through each step of my program, you’ll begin to experience life the way you want, the way you know–deep in your heart and soul–you deserve.

I will show you how to fall deeply, madly in love with the magnificent, glorious, radiant woman you were put on this planet to be.

Then, and only then, can you experience the self-confidence that you know will open the door to happiness, love, success, and inner peace.

Your life will begin to overflow with ‘beautiful, magical moments.’

I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to read this far. That means you you feel a stirring within you, a stirring that says, “Yes, my life can be the way I want.”

You now have the opportunity to become the happy woman you want to be, who enjoys the sparkles of being ‘in love.’

My name is Kara Oh and I can gently guide you to take the simple steps to the life you desire.

When you turn on your beautiful, intoxicating, inviting Woman Energy–which I’ll teach you how to do–you will experience more and more of the magic that is so essential to love and happiness.

You Will Reconnect To Your Essence

PeaceOfMindYour Essence, your True Self, will be awakened. When that happens, you will feel a rush of energy that will give you that feeling of being fully alive.

The processes and techniques I developed to guide women to discover their full flowering life force, their Essence, is now available as a virtual, online workshop so women around the world can benefit.

It’s called The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace, and it will show you how to achieve your goal of living more fully alive, filled to overflowing with love and happiness.

What Are the Five Facets Of Feminine Grace?

SmallBlankFacetThe First Facet: Be Grateful

We start with this facet because you don’t have to know anything or do anything other than simply begin to notice what is good in your life. Gratitude is also the quickest way to begin to shift your energy you so become a more naturally happy woman.

SmallBlankFacetThe Second Facet: Love Yourself

This is where you get to discover what has been controlling your life, without you realizing it has been going on. This is also the most fascinating part of what you’ll learn. Once you become aware of your uniquely individual Program, I will guide you to replace it with new, empowering ways of being so you can begin to enjoy more happiness and love.

SmallBlankFacetThe Third Facet: Be Delightful

When you are filled with delight, everyone with whom you interact will feel the light and love that radiates all around you. As your happiness grows and it become your natural state of being, you will begin to enjoy every aspect of your life more and more and more. You will be delighting in the fact that you get to be you.

SmallBlankFacetThe Fourth Facet: Shine Your Light

You were born with a heart filled with light and love. But as a small girl, things happened to cause you to protect your heart. Your light began to dim. But as you learn to love yourself, you will become that bright light you were meant to be, filled with so much love. As you shine your light, all of your relationships will improve, especially your romantic relationship.

SmallBlankFacetThe Fifth Facet: Make a Difference

When you become a woman who loves herself, you become a positive force in the world. Whether you have a small circle of people you influence, or thousands, you can make a difference simply because you have shown up. The world needs you…it needs your light…it needs your love. When you love yourself, you will make a difference that matters.

From women who have taken the Feminine Grace workshop:

Hi Kara,

I went to a business networking event this morning. Mingling before the talk I saw a new face and gave her a smile. She came straight over to talk, and turned out to be the guest speaker.

During her talk she decided to single me out and embarrass me in front of a crowded room (could of died). She asked me why i thought my business was successful and I spoke for a moment.

Then she told me the reason she thought my business would do well and why she picked me out. She said it was because I stood out as a warm and friendly person with a mega watt smile that made her feel comfortable.

Since joining your Inner Circle and reading your books, and going through the workshop classes, I have learned a lot about myself. Lately people around me in my career have been so supportive wanting me to succeed which has been quite overwhelming. My friend pointed out it’s because I’m a likeable person. As someone that has had a real lack of confidence and self-esteem, these compliments have really given me an inner self worth.

I was a confident child, I had a a fantastic childhood, like my dad I would chat away to anyone even in the queue at the store.somewhere a long the line I lost this person.

It started in my late teens when I started going to pubs & clubs & a few girls took a disliking to me thinking I was a tart. I was far from that, I didn’t dress that way or have lots of boyfriends, but because I was happy to chat away to anyone I would do just that. I was honestly unaware of boys chatting me up.

Because of the nastiness of these particular girls, I became very self-conscious about chatting with boys.I went from bubbly and friendly to ‘unapproachable’.

Being told this was pretty sad but I am happy to say it looks like that girl never completely went away, she just hid for a while. It’s sad that being friendly can be taken offensively by some people.

Your teachings have so inspired me. Even though my reason for joining your Inner Circle was solely for my relationship, I have started a brand new relationship just with myself. Thank you, Kara. I will promise to smile to at least one new person a day, and spread a little love and happiness.

As for those mean girls, they don’t bother me anymore. In fact, most of them speak now. Only one has a chip on her shoulder, and although she scowls at me, I just give her a big smile. I’m quite sure this probably bothers her, but it certainly stops me feeling bad about myself.

Sarah xxx


KayMcLarenForSiteDear Kara, I just want to share with you how I’m feeling about the workshop.

Feminine Grace is everything I want to aspire to. It’s not just an art, but a way of life. It seems to me that over recent years this way of being has somehow been forgotten.

Being a woman with Feminine Grace means I can be equal with a man, and still exude a certain glow that makes me know I’m attractive and exciting to be with.

It shows my full womaness (one of Kara’s wonderful words). I am becoming a woman who is graceful, loving, exciting, and very desirable.

When I enter a room, I can feel that others see the light that glows from within me, and I can feel that people are finding me more and more irresistible.

Now that I’ve gone through the first few weeks, I see why it’s a workshop you guide us through, and not a book.

Thank you, Kay McLaren (A real person who is currently taking this workshop. Authentication available upon request.)


Dear Kara, I wanted to share my most recent experience with you because I think its pretty great. Sorry if its a little long!

When I completed assignment #2 I was having a really hard time with my breakup and struggling to understand what happened. During the meditation my inner being appeared to me as a starfish and told me to hold out a little longer before talking to him.

To explain, I have always been really fascinated with dreams so I decided to search the dream interpretation of a starfish. The symbol is actually a representation of healing and rejuvenation.

About a week later, after many more similar meditations the image changed. This time it came as a deer. A deer represents a couple of things but what stood out to me was femininity!

Since then my ex and I have been talking. He told me that I look different and after a good conversation about our relationship he told me he was falling in love with me all over again!

Thank you! I probably said it before but I love what you teach. — Name withheld by request (A real person who is currently taking this workshop. Authentication available upon request.)


Dear Kara, I just want to tell you that your feminine grace course is wonderful. I am listening to it at my pace which is a bit behind the rhythm at which you deliver it.

I am in the process of launching my own program in a few weeks so that is why I am taking it slowly. I appreciate what you do very much and I love your style that is very loving.

Much love, Karen – Karen Vago, Nutritional Therapist (A real person who is currently taking this workshop. Authentication available upon request.)

It’s Taken 27 Years To Refine

I’ve been developing my teachings over the past 27 years, helping hundreds of women–in private coaching and live workshops–to literally transform their lives so they can enjoy more confidence, happiness and love…each and every day.

Now you can experience the benefits of this beautiful workshop no matter where you live. And soon, you will discover how good it feels to literally fall in love with yourself.HappyWomanLeftFacing

You will be guided to awaken your feminine power so you can begin to enjoy your perfect, ideal life.

You will be guided to gently remove blocks that have kept you from enjoying your fullest expression of love and happiness, in a way that only you can.

You will be amazed by the speed at which your life will begin to glow with a beauty that can only come from within.

I am excited to help you awaken your true power, your phenomenal Feminine Grace.

I have found that Feminine Grace is the pathway for women who want to embrace all that it means to be a woman who is showered with love.

Feminine Grace is a way of being. It leads to a life that is filled with love, happiness, and an inner strength that guides you to be all you can be. It is also the vehicle that allows you to receive the gifts that only a woman in her full flower can enjoy. That woman can be you!

Your Life Can Be Magical

Love is a magical thing, so is happiness, joy, passion, creativity. Any time you’re able to enjoy a beautiful moment, you’re in the presence of magic.

Making magic is what life is all about…at least a life filled with what really matters.

It’s the ultimate expression of being a woman…of being your most magnificent, glorious self.

When you make magic, you’re being true to who you were put on this planet to be.

coupleCMagic are those human responses to life that we know are real–because we experience them–but can’t quite be defined or measured scientifically.

Like love. We know it’s real but no one has come up with a concise definition. Science can measure our physiological responses to love. But that isn’t love.

What about happiness…passion, creativity…the desire to break into song, or dance for no reason other than you can’t help yourself?

That’s magic and those are the things we all seek, and make life worth living. Not the Mercedes, the Prada bag, or the big house (with the big mortgage.)

If you want more, deeper, to-the-depths-of-your-soul love and happiness, you need to learn how to make magic purposefully, by choice, with intention, when you want it.

If you want to learn how to do that, you’re in the right place…at the right time.

KaraOnTableErasedOver the past 27-years, I’ve developed and fine-tuned the concept of Feminine Grace, starting when I began facilitating my women’s workshops.

As women took my workshops and began to develop their own individual styles of Feminine Grace, I watched them blossom and begin to glow as their lives transformed.

As I watched those women awaken their Feminine Grace, I saw that it was the missing piece that had been keeping them from enjoying their lives more fully.

I knew then that it was the key to every woman’s happiness and I had to share it with other women.

Are You Ready To Stop Struggling?

There’s no “Maybe,”I’m not sure,” or, “Some day.” Either you want to be happier and enjoy more love, or not.

It’s pretty simple and straight forward.

I know from my work with women over the past twenty-seven years that the only way you can be free, finally, to live and love full-out, is through the step-by-step development of your Feminine Grace.

Free Gifts For YouYou are a gift, do you know that? A gift to those who care about and love you. You are a gift to this planet because you have something to bring to the party that no one else can bring. That something is the gift of you.

Awakening your Woman Energy through the development of your Feminine Grace is how you will achieve this glorious transformation that is awaiting you.

Feminine Grace is the natural flow of feminine energy that is absolutely required for you to become the glorious, magnificent creature you are meant to be, living your life filled with happiness and love.

Are you ready to finally be free of whatever forces that have kept you from reaching your full potential for love and happiness?

Are you ready to let go of everything that is limiting you?

It’s Time To Let the Real You Shine

LivdNewIt’s time to live, free of the shackles that have kept you from enjoying the life you know you’re meant to live.

When you are empowered with the wisdom to know you can choose how you want to show up in the world, each and every day, you will shine like never before.

laugh3It’s time to let loose and laugh, just because you’re so happy to be alive, happy to be you, unafraid, awakening to your full potential to savor and enjoy life with gusto.

With free-flowing laughter comes a natural playfulness. You’ll find yourself dancing for no reason.

People will smile because your happiness will be infectious. You’ll become natural at flirting with everyone you meet.

LoveNewAnd isn’t it about time you let your heart open completely so love can fill you up, flow through you, so you can offer yourself fearlessly to the possibilities that are waiting for you.

You are meant to love, to share the gift of who you are with everyone you meet…to shine your light so the world around you is uplifted.

When your heart is bursting with love, your life will be transformed.

Here is the first class so you can get a little flavor for what this online workshop is about:

1stClassWelcome to the first class of The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace.

Someone recently asked me what I do and instead of a big speech, I simply said, “I teach people how to love.”

In this class, it’s about you learning to love yourself, I mean deeply and profoundly. because that is required for you to be truly happy.

I’m honored that you have chosen to take advantage of what this workshop offers. This is all about you. It’s all about understanding yourself better so you become empowered to make choices for yourself, not being run by an unknown Program.

You are stepping onto a path of self-discovery that will open doors to a life filled with more magic and many beautiful moments.


Why Feminine Grace?

Dancing spontaneously in your living room… Walking in nature, taking in the quiet beauty… Laughing with friends… Breaking into song… Expressing gratitude for your amazing life…

Do you do these types of things on a regular basis? Do you allow yourself to be happy simply because you’re alive?

When your energy is flowing this way, you naturally make magic all the time. You won’t be able to help yourself.

Do you realize how magnificent you are? That you are a fabulous, glorious, magical being?

Can you feel it?

Through the following week’s classes, I want you to be able to feel it, own it, dance with it, so much so that every cell of your body literally vibrates with the joy of it.

That, more than anything, is what it means to be a woman who glows with Feminine Grace.

Anything that takes away from your sense of how glorious it is to be you will detract from your full expression of being a woman, of being you, and your full and complete enjoyment of it. When you’re feeling magnificent, your light shines brightly.

The happier you are, the brighter your light will shine, which will make you more attractive to everyone you meet, especially that special man.

You Are Multi-Faceted

I’ve always liked the metaphor of facets. First, there’s a rock. Usually it’s pretty ugly. But to the eye of a geologist, who can see what lies within, there is potential beauty.

As the gem cutter begins his work, he starts to reveal the beauty of the stone within. He does so by cutting facets into the stone, then polishing it. Depending on the original shape of the stone, and the desired outcome, the gem cutter determines the number of facets.

This Is All About You

This program is about you. But it’s also about all women.

There is a sisterhood, a kind of connection to all women, throughout time. I don’t mean to get too mushy here, but I’ve discovered from personal experience that the more connected I’ve become to women, the more my sense of self has grown, and the more my Feminine Grace has expanded.

More than anything, I want you to be able to fall in love with yourself and celebrate your womanness.

Note: I understand womanness isn’t a word, but I’m making it a word here and I’ll be using it throughout this program. I hope you don’t mind. I find that womanliness just doesn’t have the same sense or energy as womanness.

This class is about you developing a new level of happiness beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. And it’s about your ability to love and be loved more deeply than you ever dreamed possible.

You, like the stone, can have many facets. Some you were born with, like a particular skill or talent, or an attractive physical trait. Some came about because of how you were raised. Some you cut and polished because of a special interest.

But you have even more facets that can become a part of your inner and outer beauty. You get to choose and you get to decide to make them a reality, shining bright.

I chose five facets to describe Feminine Grace because they seemed to fit with what I wanted to share with you. But I will share more in future workshops.

Because you are multi-faceted, I hope you will see that you can reveal existing facets by polishing them to a bright finish, as well as cut new ones as you expand and evolve your potential as the woman you were meant to be.


Assignment #1

What You Will Need

Here are the materials you’ll need in order to get the most out of this workshop:

  1. A notebook or journal (preferably something beautiful you will enjoy writing in)
  2. A willingness to be completely honest with yourself
  3. An open, curious mind
  4. An open heart, especially for yourself
  5. Finally, do the assignments

Assignment #2

What Do You Hope To Gain From This Workshop

One of the most powerful ways to get more out of everything you do is to set intentions for yourself. Whether you’re planning a vacation, painting a vase of flowers, dating a new man, or making love with your husband, you have the power to set the tone of an interaction with another person, to get more out of an experience, or to surrender to the unfolding of magic.

One way to do that is to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? What do I hope to gain? How do I want it to turn out?” So let’s try it here. Before our first class, do the following:

Listen to the ‘What Do You Hope To Gain’ Meditation below. Then, while you’re still in a deeply relaxed state, pick up your journal and write what you hope to get out of taking this workshop and doing the assignments.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want your life to change?
  • How do you want you to change?
  • What do you hope this workshop will do for you?

Doing this assignment will help you get much more of what you want out of this experience so please don’t skip it.

• • • • •

Here is the recording of the 1st Teleclass. I’ll put all future teleclass recordings at the end of the class assignments because you will need to do the assignments prior to the next teleclass:

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