Feminine Grace – Class Schedule

5Facets150xxThis workshop is titled, ‘The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace.’ There are more than five, but this workshop covers the ones that will lay the foundation for all the others.

Below you’ll find buttons that will link to each week’s class content, and not surprisingly, they are images of gems with bright shiny facets of their own.

You’ll come to this page each week to pick up your weekly reading and ‘homework’ assignments.

I recommend you look at this as a gift to yourself, because actually, if you do all the assignments, you will understand that this workshop will be one of the best gifts you will ever, ever give yourself.

So be inspired, carve out some time for yourself each week and work through each class and each assignment. You will discover that you are shifting and changing and beginning to glow with a new kind of happiness that can only come from loving yourself.


An Introduction

This first class is an introduction of what the workshop is all about. You’ll also be invited to determine what you hope to get out of this workshop so you can keep your goals in mind.


The First Facet – Practice Gratitude

In this class you’ll learn how powerful practicing gratitude can be in improving your sense of happiness. You’ll also meet your Inner Wise Woman, which is a lovely guided visualization.


The Second Facet – Love Yourself

This facet will be covered over the course of several classes. It’s the heart of what you’ll learn about yourself and the biggest awakening of your self-love. In this class we’ll focus on the stories you’ve made up about who you are, and how there is something much more beautiful about you than you’ve allowed yourself to see.


Choose How You Want To Be

This class has one of the most fun assignments of the entire workshop. You’ll be invited to ‘design’ a new picture of how you want to be, then begin to imbue how that feels into your being. You’re going to like how you feel as you become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.


Open Your Heart

As you continue the adventure of discovering your Program and what has been running your life from behind the scenes, you will now be invited to focus on opening your heart. As you do this exercise, you’ll discover how much more control you have over your state of being than you’ve ever realized before.


Good Things Do Happen

In this class you’ll begin to harvest your memories. The memories you’ll be searching for are all the times where you felt loved, safe, and happy. I want you to feel all that love so you recognize it more easily. Too often other thoughts and beliefs block the love that is right there in front of you.


Harvesting Wounding Memories

Now you’ll begin to do the work required to remove the blocks that have kept you from experiencing more happiness, love and peace of mind. This week you’ll do a Guided Visualization that will help you discover your Core Wounding. From there you will go on to see how it has colored the rest of your life. This awareness is what is required for you to be able to release those blocks and replace then with the truth of who you really are, which is pure ‘Light and Love.’


Your Sub-Personalities

Now that you have your list of wounding memories, you will organize them into similar memories. Then you will come up with a name for each group. Those are your Sub-Personalities. By naming them, you will become more easily aware when they try to take over, which will allow you to choose to respond the way YOU want, taking the power from your inner puppeteer.


The Third Facet – Be Delightful

This class is designed to help you reinforce your awakening delight in being you, and delight in what your life is all about. You will do the Re-creation Meditation again to help you instill more love for who you are.


The Fourth Facet – Shine Your Light

You’ve no doubt already noticed that you feel different. That’s because those blocks that have been overshadowing your beautiful light have kept you from letting your light shine through. In this class you’ll be given the opportunity to feel that light so it becomes your natural way of being.


The Fifth Facet – Make a Difference

You are a miracle and unique among all humans who have ever, or will be on this planet. With that comes a kind of responsibility to be a positive influence. That can be in your immediate circle, or on a worldwide scale. It’s about knowing what your heart is drawn to, then stepping up to who you want to be.


Fully Embrace Your Feminine Grace

This is not the end of you growing and exploring the fascinating world of your True Self. This is be beginning of enjoying new insights that will help you continue to develop happiness as your natural state of being. This is just the beginning of the brand new you. I hope you will continue on with your growth by joining me for the follow up workshop, “More Of You To Love.”


All the Meditation Recordings On One Page

So you can easily access the recordings of the various meditations for the Feminine Grace workshop, they are posted on this one page.