3 Solutions For Disagreements

CoupleNotSpeakingLet’s face it, if two people live together, there will be disagreements. It’s inevitable.

You have your way of doing things, and he has his.

You have your way of seeing a situation, he has his.

Your family taught you their way of dealing with…well, pretty much everything, his family taught him their ways.

So what should you do when your ‘differences’ bump up against each other?

Here are 3 options:

1) You can do your best to explain why your way is the right way.

This is how most people deal with disagreements. The conversation usually escalates into a full-blown argument, or you end up not speaking to each other. The reason this way doesn’t work is because you think your way is the best, or only way. Can you see those egos bumping heads? It’s like two kids fighting on the playground.

2) You, or he, can acquiesce so you keep the peace.

The problem with this method is that the one who acquiesces does so still thinking their way is right. It’s only natural when you grew up thinking this way, or it’s the way you’ve always done it, or how you’ve always thought. (You could be disagreeing about politics!)

What happens with this method is that resentment builds up, which will eventually kill the love you have for each other. And another problem is that the one who ‘won’ gets to continue to think their way is the right way, which only cements their thinking.

3) Or, you can do what I teach in a free video I’ve made for you.

Here’s the essence of this method. You connect with his heart and look at the situation from his perspective. Then you both tell your egos to ‘go sit in the corner,’ and have a conversation that is true communication, not a couple of brats screaming at each other. If you want to know how to have this kind of conversation, plus learn a couple of other strategies, you can watch the video i made for you at CandyCoatedCommunication.com.

i really want to help couples learn how to communicate so they not only resolve issues that arise, but so your differences are less and less a problem. I can teach you learn to build love with pretty much every conversation you have. How would that feel?




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