Let Joy In

MoonOnWaterWhen you let joy into your heart, it fills it completely, with no room for anger, hatred, jealousy or even insecurity. When you look for joy, it will find it’s way into your heart.

What you focus on you become. What if you focused on things that make you angry, or scare you, or make you feel less than? What would you become then?

But what if you focused on joy? Finding it, sharing it, raising it to new heights? What would you become then?

There is beauty all around you. There is ugliness as well. When you focus on the beauty, you will feel the joy of each new discovery. Beauty deserves a witness, and when you share it with others, you become an ambassador.

You are an ambassador of whatever you carry in your heart. Please, become an ambassador for joy. Make a difference simply because you entered a room. Make a difference for your children, your family, friends, co-workers. Make a difference for your partner and watch that joy flow into his heart.

You have more power than you can imagine. So please, be an ambassador for something that will uplift the world around you.

Helping you discover the joy in YOU,


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