Why Arguments Start

BROBL2If you think back to any argument you ever had, the reason it got started and kept going was one, or both of you, needed to be right, and in so doing, you forgot the love that brought you together.

When emotions get out of control, the rational mind goes into ‘lizard mode’ and will do anything to protect itself, even from an imaginary threat.

Don’t let the need to be right cause you to say things that will eventually erode what love you had, until eventually, there is nothing left.

Use the acronym, B.R.O.B.L. to remind yourself that the goal is to not only stay in love, but build love with each passing day.

Let this Valentine’s Day be the beginning of a new perspective on your relationship, to keep every conversation ‘Heart Based.’ As you’ll learn when I launch Candy-Coated Communication, there is a Candy-Coated way to handle even the toughest topics.

Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,


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