What’s the Right Answer?

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image23852206You might be asking, what’s the question? You have to have the question before you can come up with an answer. Right?

What I’m going to talk about is human interaction, not how fast does light travel. Whenever there’s a problem between two or more people, the way to solve that problem will always be love.



I believe every problem you have with someone, including yourself, is simply a lack of love.

Too often, what’s really going on, is a need to be right. It happens between parents and children, between lovers, between political parties, between religions factions, and even between countries.

It might sound simplistic, but if the goal is to resolve a problem, love will get you there. Needing to be right will either keep you struggling with the problem, or cause it to escalate.

The reason someone might say this is a simplistic idea is because I’m not seeing the bigger picture. But give me a problem that would stay a problem if you shifted from needing to be right (the opposite of that is, “You’re wrong!”), to “Let’s find a loving solution to this, so we both feel like winners.”

Another reason someone might say this is simplistic is because there’s little empirical evidence that this is possible. But that’s because all problems between people is one or both sides insisting they’re right. And the ego being the spoiled child that it is, they NEED to be right.


Because, heaven forbid, if they’re not right, OMG!!!, that would mean they’re wrong. People don’t like to be wrong.

Every time you find yourself upset with something someone has done or said this week, I challenge you to look inside yourself and check to see if you’re feeling you’re right, and they’re wrong. This will take some serious honesty because remember, most people don’t like to be wrong.

Some things aren’t negotiable, like the guy who cuts you off on the highway. But even then, there’s a possibility he didn’t see you. If you give him the benefit of the doubt, then you won’t get upset, because that’s a form of love.

If you tap your horn to avoid a collision–assuming with love that he didn’t see you–and he flips you off, then you can assume he’s a miserable, cranky, unhappy son-of-a-bitch who’s hemorrhoids have flared up, and how sad for him. That’s another form of love, albeit with an edge that feels pretty damn good.

But if you reacted that way, you would not be upset, you’d probably be laughing. Doing things to keep yourself from getting upset, so you stay your usual bright, sparkly, joyful self, is a form of loving yourself.

See, what did I tell you? All problems, even those you have with yourself, can be resolved with love.

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