Why Does He Upset You? Part 1

SadWomanOnChairRtFacing250wThere are a lot of things a person can do to upset us. Some are teeny-tiny, and some are huge and inexcusable.

You might find it interesting, revealing even, to make a list of ALL the things your guy does to bug you. Actually, if we were in a coaching session, I’d ask you to do this assignment.

So let’s pretend you’ve booked an hour with me because you find you’re starting to lose the love you once had and it’s scaring you.

The first thing I want you to do is make a list of everything he does that bothers you. I mean everything, no matter how trivial it might seem. Some will be things he doesn’t do, that you wish he would. Or things he used to do, but no longer does.

Next, I want you to rate the items on your list by how much they upset you. If they don’t really bother you that much, or he doesn’t do it that often, then that can be a ‘1.’ And if an item is super upsetting, rate that one a ‘1o.’

Now it’s time to do some soul-searching, which, if you’ve followed me for a while, you know is essential for your life to improve in any measurable way.

You’ve no doubt heard the adage: For anything to improve, something needs to change. What I’ve discovered in my many years helping women, is that almost every time, the change needs to come from within.

I think our hour is up so your assignment is to make that list, then rate each item. In a few days we’ll dive into how you can begin the process of breathing love back into your relationship.

See you at our next ‘session’…

As always, my goal is to help you make magic, everywhere you go,



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