When your emotions align, love will flow effortlessly, by Kara OhWhen love flows through you, the world feels right. When it doesn’t, there’s a sense of feeling stuck.

Love is more about your energy, how you feel from the inside out, than outer circumstances.

What gets in the way of you feeling all the love you desire, is your emotions are interfering with that flow.

When you remove the blocks to love, life becomes easy.

You know when there are blocks because you react and respond to situations and people in ways that cause you to feel bad in some way.

Those blocks need to be discovered, then cleared away. Actually, you can’t remove them without replacing them with something that will cause you to feel in control of your emotions.

Once you begin the process of self-discovery, you can begin the next stage of self-improvement, which then leads to transformation.

The more you do this, the more in alignment your emotions and heart will be, and the more life will become one magical moment after another.

You can begin the journey by enrolling in the Five Facets Of Feminine Grace workshop.

Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,

by Kara Oh, author, international Love Coach, speaker, workshop leaderAbout Kara


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