What Is Self-Transformation?

Visit the Love BlogVery few people are perfectly happy with their lives. Often they think it’s because they don’t have the outer ‘stuff,’ like the right job, house, car, or bank account.

But I know for a fact–because I learned it the hard way–that the way to become happy with your life is through self-transformation.

Basically, to transform yourself means to purposefully turn yourself into the person you want to be. The tricky part is determining what you want your ‘new’ self, your new way of being in the world, to look like.

In the 2nd Class of the Feminine Grace online workshop I have you go through a long list of adjectives that you would like to add to how you feel as a woman. Some examples are:

  • Glorious
  • Generous
  • Graceful
  • Loveable
  • Luscious
  • Luminous
  • Open-hearted
  • Optimistic
  • Orgasmic
  • Warm
  • Whimsical
  • Wonderous
  • Fun
  • Fit
  • Fearless

This assignment is aimed at helping you expand your conception of who you are compared to who you would like to be. Once you come up with the words that describe the woman you want to become, you can practice how each word feels and slowly transform yourself into that woman.

There are many paths that lead to transformation. My workshops are just one.

You could go off to an ashram and meditate for a period of time. Many have done this and some do transform themselves into whatever they were seeking.

You can immerse yourself in a school of learning that will eventually, transform your view of the world and how you fit into it.

Some transformation occurs in a flash of insight. I have had many of these over the years and once you have the new understanding about yourself, you cannot go back to not knowing it. Thus, you are transformed in that instant.

The workshops available here are all aimed at helping you, step-by-step, to become the woman you want to be. What’s important is that you understand that it’s not about you becoming what you think someone else thinks you should be.

That will not lead to happiness or inner peace. It will only exacerbate whatever issues have brought you to this website in the first place.

The goal of everything I teach is to help you fall in love with yourself, to be happy that you get to be you, and to honor the gift of who you are by always working toward the highest version of your ideal self.

Anyone who is on the path of self-transformation knows that we are all a work in progress, Ever Evolving.

May your joy light the world and bring you love…


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