Grab It and Go

18720122_blogIf you want to be truly happy (not just say you want, or wish, to be happy) you must grab your ability to choose and run with it. I mean that metaphorically, of course, but I also mean it literally.

If you spend too much time sitting at a desk, then sitting in front of the TV at night, and aren’t exercising, you’ve chosen not to be happy.

No, not consciously, but not exercising is a choice.

That’s how important getting up and moving is to your overall sense of happiness. Movement changes your chemistry. And your chemistry is the key to how you feel.

Taking a walk alone is good for your mental health. You already know that.

And if you have someone you care about, whether it’s your lover or a friend, exercising together, especially if you are out in nature, will strengthen your bond.

Another benefit to getting outdoors is sunshine. Yep, sunshine will help you feel happier. Vitamin D is one of the reasons. You’ll also be improving your immune system.

Do I need to say more? Probably, but instead, here’s an article, titled Increase Your Activity; Increase Your Happiness, that will shed light on how important choosing to get up and go can be for your overall well-being.

The quality of your life is directed by your choices.

How To Get Him To WANT To Do What You Want

I’m not sure why I decided to post this video today, but it’s probably because the holiday season can be so stressful. It shouldn’t be, because we bring that stress on to ourselves. But one cause of stress is wishing you had more help from him.

Well, maybe this video will give you some ideas on how to get him to do those things he seems so resistant to do. The better you Understand Men, the happier you will be.

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Little Moments Build Love

Lovely young couple on the sunset beach, selective focusIt’s not vacations, grand dinners, or detailed planning that causes love to grow and flourish.

Sure, those can be fun, but they don’t build love.

What builds love are all the little moments throughout the days. What’s funny is that most of those moments won’t even be remembered.

What’s remembered is how good it feels to be with your partner. And that very feeling is a big part of love.

Even if you’re just sitting together and reading. You’re in each others space, comforted that you’re close, even if you’re not consciously aware of each other. Love is building and being sustained.

When you slow down enough to just be together, doing mundane things, you’re building love.

One of the problems with big events is that you’re so busy doing that you don’t slow down enough to immerse yourselves in each others energy. Sure, you’re having fun, but it’s not the event, it’s that you shared it.

Okay, I love going out to nice restaurants. But what generally gets my attention is the environment, the ambiance, the food and wine. Yes, I’m aware of my boyfriend, but not in a way that I feel love. BUT…when I slow down and focus on how nice it is to be sharing everything with him, THEN I feel the love.

Does that make sense?

Love happens in those quiet moments in between all the doing and the busyness.

So my advice to you (which I’ve learned from years of experience) is, slow down, notice how you feel, immerse yourself in that feeling, and then open your heart to the love that is waiting for you to acknowledge.

What’s great is you can do this whether your partner is with you or not. Maybe you’re out on a walk by yourself. You’re feeling peaceful, alive, connected to the earth and whatever God is to you. All you need to do is choose to be aware, then let that settle into a feeling of love.

That’s all you need to do. That’s how love is built…from all the little moments.