Thinking of Trading In Your ‘Gently Used’ Man?

I saw a quote recently that I think it was by Betty White. It went something like this: Listen to him chew. If you can stand to hear that for the rest of your life, then, by all means, go ahead and marry him.

If you hang around with someone long enough, you will usually discover at least one habit that irritates you. If your guy has a bunch of bad habits and you’re beginning to climb the walls, it’s likely that you might develop some resentment.

I often talk about how resentment kills love. But if his habits are just irritating, and you’re thinking of trading him in on a new model, just remember that everyone–yes, including you–have habits that can be irritating.

If you haven’t ever mentioned that what he’s doing is getting on your nerves, have you ever mentioned it to him? If so, did you talk to him about it in a loving way? If you’re not sure how to go about having that kind of discussion, you can access the Marriage Makeover program and learn several ways to have difficult discussions.

Watch this video that I made on this topic.

Instead of Thanksgiving you live in the United States of America, these are strange times. It’s sometimes difficult to feel thankful for anything when there is so much division going on in the country. But those divisions are happening all around the world, much of it at the hands of the U.S. government.

And with what is happening to the Native Americans, it’s almost embarrassing to be thankful for anything. But here’s what I believe. At our core, everyone wants the same things; to love and be loved, to have the freedom to be with family and friends, and to do things that give us pleasure and make us feel alive.

So my advice is to be thankful for the people in your life that give you the gift of love. If you don’t have anyone, find a way to share your heart with others. You have so much capacity to love, and there are so many who need even the tiniest bit of love that might come their way. Even if it is to smile at those less fortunate, or to walk someone in need into a restaurant and pay for their meal. Give a pair of gloves to someone who is out in the cold, or help feed the homeless. There are many ways to be of service to others. And the beautiful thing is that you probably get more out of giving than they do in receiving.

Don’t let your love go to waste. Share it in any way that feels good. If you are with your family today, give them each a hug, look them in the eyes, and tell them how much you love them and how grateful you are that they are in your life.

So instead of a day of giving thanks, make it a day of love.

Has Your Love Gone Stale?

It happens in most relationship. At different times, you don’t feel like you are in love any longer. That’s natural. Relationships ebb and flow. Life ebbs and flows.

Sometimes you focus on what you don’t like about the other person, or that irritating habit that you used to think was adorable, and now it’s driving you up the walls.

If you want to get back to where you are both in love with each other again, this video might be exactly what you need:

Why Won’t He Work On The Relationship

Men are pretty lazy when it comes to the relationship. He is more than willing to work to capture you, but after that, he unconsciously hands the relationship over to you. “Here, honey, your take over.”

It’s about that stage that you start wondering, ‘What the heck happened?’ Well, laziness happened.

Watch this video and you’ll gain a better understanding of this dynamic, and hopefully, you’ll become more calm about what’s really going on.

The Nasty Truth

Do you know that you are being brainwashed multiple times each day? It’s true. It is the nasty truth behind the world of advertising.

The video below is a must if you want to take charge of how you feel about yourself. There is one thing in the video with which I must disagree. At the 3:48 minute mark, they say: You are The REAL woman. “Imperfections” are what make you YOU.

My disagreement is with their use of the word imperfections. I understand that they put quotes around it, but it could have been worded differently. For instance, maybe, What makes you YOU are exactly those things that cause you NOT to look like those skinny-ass women in the magazines.

Once we get to the point where we don’t like how we look, it’s a hard road back to liking that you are unique.

My suggestion is to begin by realizing that you are a miracle and quite magical.

Why do I say that? Think about it. At a small particle level, you are made up of the same stuff that the stars and planets are made of; the same stuff that the chair you are sitting on, the moon that makes you sigh, and those books on your shelf are made of.

But…and this is huge, you not only are a living being, but you are a human with ythe capacity to think, solve problems, love, and express your creativity. You get to be a human being on this glorious planet that is teeming with life.

That is quite unique in the universe. But even more than that, you get to be you. There never has been, nor will there ever be, another you.

I don’t know what God is. For me, it is whatever caused the universe to be. So in a way, God created you. You have been given this unique gift of being on Planet Earth, of being one of its brilliant life forms, and most special of all, you get to be YOU.

To do anything less than honor this exquisite gift of YOU is to dishonor God. And beyond that, to be anything less than the best person you can be, and that means being as happy as you can be, is a travesty.

Accept that you are unique, that you are special, and because you are here, right now, at this time on earth, you are precious and have a responsibility to offer the world the gift of you.

So go look in the mirror right now and really see yourself. Look in your eyes and say out loud, and use your name, “…you are special, you are unique, and you have much to offer the world. I am grateful for this unique body. I promise to love and honor it, and to share my love and compassion with the world.”

Now watch this video, and share it with every woman that you know, no matter their age.